Personal Audit

Personal audit is an independent human resources analysis. It aims to find any and all differences between the current knowledge and skill set of employees compared to what the company needs the most. Recruitment takes place when audit is done to cover all gaps.

Personal audit is perfect for most companies, because it:

  1. Is the solution for most problems with recruitment, promotions and relocation of employees.
  2. Gathers all key information needed for career path construction.
  3. Supports decisions about which projects should employees be assigned to.
  4. Showcases the potential in every employee and the positions these would be best used at.
  5. Allows for analysis of competence gaps, motivation levels and employee satisfaction levels.
  6. Helps the employees plan their career and further development (training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, studies, self-development).


Assessment and Development Center is based on observing the behaviour of employees through previously defined goals and competences deemed crucial for a given position. It’s one of the most effective work grading methods. It is used during recruitment, especially for finding skilled managers, as well as career path building and reorganization efforts.

During AC/DC the following is analysed:

  • Hidden potential of employees and candidates
  • Personality traits
  • Knowledge
  • Skills needed to function at the given position.

Law grading system

Law grading system is one of the key methods of managing human resources in an organization. The employees benefit by finding out what their supervisors think about them. The supervisors, in turn, gain knowledge about their team. 

A supervisor-only grade is called 90° grading. With 2 or more grading sources, such as employee and supervisor, it shifts to 180° or 360° grading.

    Employee grades give comprehensive knowledge about teams, their potential, competences and goal progress to their supervisors.


      Employee surveys

      This method, just as the name implies, rates the satisfaction level of employees and an organization as a whole. In these ever-shifting times it is a crucial component of good management. 

      It is extremely important to know the exact satisfaction level of all employees, as well as if they fully manifest their skills and goals at a position. This survey allows for educated position shifts and reorganization efforts.

        The survey also brings knowledge about organizational behaviour and all places that require changes.


          Individual and group outplacement

          Outplacement is all efforts aimed at reducing negative results of laying off staff members.

          We offer individual and group outplacement services, always tailored to the needs of the employees. We help them find new jobs and return to the job market.


          • Growth of morale, loyalty and respect of remaining employees.
          • Better atmosphere and trust in the employer.
          • Facilitation of the company’s external image as a caring one.

            Our team of professionals has multiple years of experience in European Union projects regarding the job market. This includes psychologists, career advisors, job coaches, employment agencies and soft skills trainers.